About Us

About Us

The Dinaledi Motto

Making Friends Through Golf

Our Objectives

To encourage, promote and co-ordinate the activities of members within the Golf club and externally.
To promote and maintain friendly relations amongst members and families of the Society.
To contribute to funds to finance the activities of the to charitable causes, as agreed from time to time


We run an annual order of merit competition based on the Net Medal Scoring system. The winner of the order of merit is the one that has the lowest score (best of 6 games).

The Champion of the Club is decided in November when the Club stages a Year-End /Champion of Champions tournament. To qualify for this prestigious tournament, a member has to finish in the top 24. Only 24 members qualify for a chance to play for the Championship. However, the Year-End tournament also feature an Open tournament for all participants on the day (including visitors)


The Union of Golf Societies (UGS) is an association of social golf clubs from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa. The Ambassadors Golf Club, the Rennaissaince Golf Society and the West Orlando Golf Club are the current members of the UGS. Dinaledi is a member of UGS, having joined in 2004. We play match play tournaments against the members of UGS, with the winner declared in October of each year.

Dinaledi Rules

Familiarise yourself with the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse.

DGS RULES 2018.1

Dinaledi Code of Conduct

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2018 Dinaledi Constitution

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Dinaledi Golf Society Profile

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Branch: Randburg
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