DGS March 2018 Monthly Game @ Wanderers GC

Dinaledi will be hosting the next game on the 22 of April, 2018 at the Wanderers Golf Club

Arrival: 11:10am

Price giving: 6pm



History of The Wanderers Golf Club

Many words have been written about Victor Kent, whose vision was probably the most important single factor in ensuring the survival of The Wanderers Club after the Second World War.

It was he who took upon himself the decision to purchase the land now known as Kent Park in illovo. The fact that he as the chairman of The Wanderers Club, made the commitment without consulting his fellow committee members gives us an insight into his opinion of the far sightedness of the other members of that committee.

After the dust had settled he further revealed his hand. Not only was he motivated to protect the future of The Wanderers Club by relocating to a safe haven, but he also determined to provide a less physical sporting outlet for older members of the club by creating a golf course.

To this end he procured the services and expertise of his good friend Felix Oliver, a member of the club, who played a more than competent game of golf at the Royal Johannesburg Golf Club.

Felix’s task was daunting. He had insufficient ground with which to work and there was no natural source of water. His only recourse was to build a narrow, tree lined, parkland layout and the course he created was, from a broad perspective the course we have today. It varies very little from his design if one ignores the technical advances over the years in the design of greens and bunkers in particular, and the use in recent years of different strains of grass for fairways and putting surfaces.

Construction commenced in 1937 and the course was opened in 1939 with 10 playable holes. In 1942 the remaining eight holes were completed. The membership level was set at 350 for gentlemen and 150 for ladies, a far cry from acceptable levels today.

Fees were set at thirty guineas for gentlemen and twelve guineas for ladies. The annual subscriptions were eight guineas and two and a half guineas respectively. Appropriately, the first chairman of the club was Victor Kent and Felix Oliver was the first captain, the office he held throughout the Second World War years. The first lady captain was Mrs. KDeane, a well known name in the history of our golf club. The first secretary, as the incumbents were then known, was Doug Meintjes, who, it appears, was responsible for just about everything, and the first professional was Mickey MacDonald.

The first hole-in-one was achieved by Bill Trollip, a founder member and subsequently captain, chairman and an honorary life member. This took place on 20th March 1940. In those days the achievement of the ultimate perfect fluke was marked by the affixing of a small silver plaque to the wall of the main bar, recording the name of the player, the hole and the date.

It is a matter of good fortune that these plaques survived the fire and were returned to their rightful home after the clubhouse was reconstructed. When, in 1993, the old plaques were again relocated, it was fitting that the unveiling ceremony was performed by none other than I.W.R Trollip. The first club championships were held in 1946 and the first champion was Mr V. M. Sheahan. Mrs. N Roberts was the first lady champion. The first albatross was scored by Basil Shaw in 1952.